Psa Control Programme

A Kiwifruit Psa control programme using Coptyzin (TEPA chelated copper) and BMS Micro-Nutrient Foliar Fertilizer products.

This programme is predicated on the experience gained from helping New Zealand Kiwifruit growers manage Psa in their orchards since the disease was discovered in New Zealand in November 2010. It should not be regarded as a silver bullet, but combined with good orchard management, irrigation, etc, Coptyzin has proven to be effective in controlling Psa without damage to crops and vines.

The foliar fertilizer products are intended to provide regular and effective nutrition thereby enabling the vines to cope better with regular applications of Coptyzin and to promote better fruit size and quality.

The pre flower sprays of Fructol, Kappa V and Chelal RD will enhance vegetative growth and flower bud development early in the growing season. A new option to our programme is Hyberol. This contains marine plant extract, Boron and Zinc and should be used in the early spring growth phase and immediately post harvest.

After fruit set, the applications of Chelal Noor and Kappa G are potassium orientated and will help restrain vegetative growth, close up the distance between leaf nodules, give stronger canes and divert energy within the vines to increase fruit size and weight.

Chelal Omnical (Calcium chelated with DTPA) should be added to post fruit set applications to enhance fruit quality and better keeping quality in the coolstore.

Note: This programme will increase dry matter per Ha but when production per Ha is high, increases in dry matter in individual fruits can be difficult to achieve.

Technical information on these products can be found at

Recommended Programme

The Coptyzin label has specific dosage rates and directions for use. See our page here for the suggested foliar fertilizer programme which should be used in conjunction with the Coptyzin label.