What is Coptyzin, and why use it

COPTYZIN is a copper bactericide for the control of Psa in Kiwifruit.

Active Ingredient: 95 g/L copper (Cu), chelated by tetraethylene pentamine (TEPA) in the form of a soluble concentrate.

Coptyzin also contains 5 g/L of zinc (Zn), chelated by triethylene tetramine (TETA)

Key reasons to use Coptyzin

  • Has full label claim registration for the control of Psa
  • Efficacy with less elemental copper
  • Completely soluble concentrate with unique chemistry
  • Low to no risk of phytoxicity when used in accordance with label instructions
  • Has a systemic mode of action to give protection not only on the leaf surface, but also from within the vine
  • Copper is spread evenly and adheres to the leaf surface quickly
  • No spreaders/stickers required
  • Can be mixed with most other sprays
  • Coptyzin can be applied throughout the year (but avoid spraying on open flowers).
  • Being a liquid formulation, it is easy to measure the required dosage.
  • Coptyzin won't leave stains on your sprayer.

Coptyzin is active at the surface of the leaves but it is also gradually absorbed by the plant. It is mobile through the xylem sap and also via the phloem without creating phytotoxicity when used at label dosage rates.

Left: a lush and healthy canopy using TEPA chelated Cu prevention and kiwifruit vine nutrition program.

Right: an orchard using other forms of treatment for Psa management and prevention.


  • Stimulates the production of lignins, increasing the physical resistance of the cell wall (essentially of the exterior cells)
  • Stimulates the production of phytoalexins. These are non-specific defence molecules that plants produce and they have an influence on the germination of spores, the growth of fungi and the development of bacteria.
  • The TEPA-chelated copper within Coptyzin enables the copper to be exchanged with, and integrated into other SAR-proteins, that protect the plant (SAR = Systemic Acquired Resistance).

Coptyzin also contains Zinc

Zinc works together with other nutrients to detoxify free radicals. Therefore it reduces the potential damage to cells and it slows down the plant's ageing process. Zinc also ensures the stability and integrity of the cell membranes.
The Zinc contained within Coptyzin will help the plant to maintain its integrity and to recover from possible damage provoked by bacterial attacks. Zinc also stimulates the production of auxins, which will help to avoid slowdowns in growth, and if necessary it will help restart growth.

Dosage and use of Coptyzin

Refer to the Coptyzin label.