Foliar Fertilizer Programme

The following suggested foliar fertilizer programme should be used in conjunction with the Coptyzin Psa Programme - see here for info.

Information on the foliar fertilizer products shown below can be found at

Post Harvest

Add Hyberol @ 3L per Ha.

Other options include: Fructol @ 2kg per Ha.

Or Kappa V @ 2.5kg per Ha with either Chelal RD @ 1kg per Ha or Chelal Zinc and Chelal Boron each @ .5L – 1L per Ha.

Bud break to pollination

Add to each Coptyzin spray:

1st leaves (3 - 4 cm): Kappa V @ 2.5kg per Ha.

2nd application, Hyberol @ 3L per ha or Fructol @ 1kg + Kappa V @ 2.5kg + Chelal RD @ 1kg

3rd application, Fructol @ 2kg + 2.5kg Kappa V.

If Spring soil temperatures are cold and leaves look pale yellow, add Chelal Zinc @ .5L to the 2nd application.

If leaf size is small or spring growth is weak, increase Kappa V dosage to 5kg or Fructol to 2kg 2nd application.

Fruit set to harvest

Add 1 - 2L Chelal Omnical but not after mid-March (Check for high pH in the soil).

Add 1 - 2kg Chelal Noor and 5kg Kappa G to first 2 applications.

Add 2.5kg Kappa G to 3rd & 4th applications.


Chelal Noor and Kappa G are Potassium orientated and should be a fundamental part of the programme.
However, if canopy growth is still required post fruit set, use Fructol @ 2kg per Ha instead of Noor & Kappa G.

Avoid mixing any of the above mentioned products with oil based sprays, eg Movento. As with Hi Cane, allow at least 1 week before and after a Movento spray.

Preferred water rate per Ha: Dormancy to bud break, 600 – 800L per Ha. Increase to 1000L after pollination and if spray penetration is lessened due to density of the canopy, apply at 1500L. When spraying at 1500L, dosage rates should be increased.

Use fine droplet nozzles.

Avoid applications in the heat of day or when the temperature exceeds 26°C. Spraying at night has proven to be safe.

Sticker or spreading agents should be avoided.

The PHI for most of our products is 7 days.